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The Africa We Want

“…An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens, representing a dynamic force in the international arena’’ is the great Africa of our future, is the great Africa we want – Agenda 2063. In May 2013, African leaders affirmed their commitment to support Africa’s new path for attaining inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development by signing the 50th Solemn Declaration during the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the formation of the OAU /AU. This declaration led to the re-dedication of African leaders towards the manifestation of how the continent will achieve its vision for the next 50 years.

We see an Africa free from all barriers and limitations that prevent women from entering into contracts, holding or managing bank accounts, owning or inheriting properties or businesses. This is looking unrealistic as, in 2023, gender inequality still prevents women from owning farms, lands, homes, and businesses throughout the continent. We envisage a future where this is obsolete and every person—including women, youth, and children—contributes significantly to the continued development and sustainability of the continent’s economy by addressing and eliminating gender disparities. It is encouraging to state that things are gradually changing, with a new generation of African women leaders who are dynamic, strong, and prepared to take on active roles in their nations and globally, even though Africa still supports harmful practices that deprive women and girls of equal opportunities like access to education, which limits and restricts them from attaining their highest potential and making an impact to the progress, development, and sustainability of the continent. Women’s leadership in politics has also risen in Africa’s legislatures, with Rwanda leading the rest of the world as the first country with 61.3% women in parliament, followed by four other African countries with participation rates surpassing 40% – South Africa (46.3%), Senegal (43.0%), Namibia (42.7%) and Mozambique (41.2%). 

We picture a continent in which negative and harmful sociocultural norms and practices are abandoned and violence against women and girls is minimized. In order to solve these problems, programs and policies that advance gender equality and women’s empowerment are being put into place. Africa’s governments as well as nonprofit organisations are collaborating to provide safe spaces for women, access to healthcare and education, and economic possibilities for its citizens. Africa can work towards a day when all women and girls can live without fear of violence or discrimination by creating a culture that recognizes and supports women’s rights.

The vision – The Africa We Want to See – is a reflection of the hopes and dreams that millions of Africans at home and outside, have for the continent. Although challenging, this goal is completely attainable. Africa is capable of becoming a thriving and vibrant continent that benefits not just its own people but also the global community at large by investing in economic development, education, healthcare, good governance, sustainable practices, gender equality, cultural diversity, and peace. A brighter, more prosperous future for Africa and its people is ahead, regardless of the path’s length.

Mary Udoh
Vision Spring Initiatives.

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