VSI – Vision Spring Initiatives

About us

Vision Spring Initiatives (VSI) is a duly registered (RC 908183) non-governmental, not-for-profit, national human rights organization partnering with strategic stakeholders to achieve the developmental rights of children, young people, marginalized groups and other groups made vulnerable by laws and policies and supporting their attainment of these rights using a multipronged approach and diverse strategies.

Our mission, vision, objectives, and thematic areas

Our mission is to provide our constituents: women, girls and minority group’s practical tools for self-development, voice and actions through research, advocacy and movement building.

We strongly believe that rights are interrelated, inalienable and inseparable and therefore cannot be achieved in isolation. We, therefore, focus on the following thematic areas towards achieving a global picture:

  • Our thematic areas
  • Gender justice (Central and the core of VSI programming)
  • Education and Research
  • Participatory Leadership/Political education for girls
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls
  • Networks/Exchange programme/ Youth Outreach
  • To promote gender equality in all spheres of our programming and develop literary skills amongst women and young persons.
  • To advocate for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people and vulnerable groups.
  • To promote and advance education and research in Nigeria
  • To promote participatory leadership and advance youth inclusion in decision-making.
  • To collaborate with like-minded organizations and find areas of knowledge sharing and build strategic partnerships.
  • To engage with strategic stakeholders and demand the implementation of Laws and Policies that guarantee the rights of citizens.

Children, Young people, minorities and vulnerable groups.

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