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Every 31 July, the world celebrates the International African Women’s Day. This day is set aside to celebrate and acknowledge the Fore-mothers of Africa who gallantly fought for the liberation and development of this continent. It has been commemorated every 31st July since 1974, which is an opportunity for African women’s movements to take stock of women’s rights on the continent

To ensure the effectiveness of African women’s rights, it is appropriate to evaluate the successes and areas for improvement in the promotion of women’s rights in Africa on this International African Womens day

This day is observed by Vision Spring Initiatives to honor and commemorate the extraordinary accomplishments of AFRICAN WOMENAfrican women as well as to promote gender equality and increase awareness of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights’s information and services in Africa

This year is particularly special to V.S.I as we document the incremental successes we have recorded in pushing for Women’s human rights. 

On April 6 the organisation alongside 10 other women’s rights organisations won judgement in favor of women’s 35% Affirmative Action. This landmark judgement has been celebrated as victory not only for Nigeria but for women of Africa

Despite the push-back on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 3 on health, 4 on education and 5 on women’s Empowerment the organisation is not deterred but remains convinced that women’s rights must be achieved in Nigeria

As the world continues to recover from the impact of COVID19, Vision Spring Initiatives is more than ever committed to see that women and girls around the globe gain their voices and stand for their rights. 

As we commemorate this important day, we celebrate all our efforts such as passing of Violence against Persons Prohibition Act in more than 30 states in Nigeria

Our work is not done yet. Sexual and gender based violence is still on the increase. Women and girls are now speaking up but we require political will to move from speaking to justice. 

African women being empowered is not just a pipe dream, but a reality. 


  1. The struggle for gender equality doesn’t have anything to do with women trying to be (like/as) men , rather it is about being a woman and still retaining the rights and respect of being HUMAN.

    Happy international African women’s day.

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