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Every 24th of January in each year reminds us of The International Day of Education, helping us to rethink how much difference we can make in the life of every child by giving them access to quality education, knowing that no child should be deprived of access to quality education. To honor this, Vision spring initiatives have risen to answer its call to serve humanity.
Vision spring initiatives is a non-governmental organization whose vision is to ensure that gender equality and social justice for women, girls, and others is achieved and becomes part of our everyday life. To accomplish these goals, Vision spring initiatives have set out to educate women, girls,  hard-to-reach women and girls communities, and other marginalized groups. The organization partners with secondary schools in rural communities to educate and empower the young ones on sexual and reproductive health and rights through training and mentorship that in turn enhance their self-esteem, and help them understand bodily autonomy. Education is a fundamental human right and education assists in strengthening peace and development in the society. Therefore, inclusive and equitable
quality education cannot be ignored. Countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth, and adults behind without quality education.
As an organization, Vision Spring Initiatives believes in investing in young people and prioritizing education in order to accelerate progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially Goal 4 on education. Vision spring initiatives is focused on translating commitments into action and strengthening the capacities of
stakeholders, healthcare providers, teachers, and educators to make education transformative. Education remains in crisis; six out of 10 children cannot read and understand a story at age 10; 10 million children in Nigeria — 60 percent of whom are girls — are still out of school. Education must be prioritized to accelerate progress toward all the sustainable development goals against the backdrop of a global recession, growing inequalities, and the climate crisis.
In Nigeria, basic infrastructure at the basic level of education in rural areas like the Ikorodu area of Lagos state is in a state of total decay. According to information acquired by our team after visiting various schools in specific regions of the state, infrastructure like classrooms, laboratories, sporting facilities, equipment, and libraries are not only non-existent. The few that do exist are in dilapidated conditions. The public education sector has suffered cumulative deterioration. The deplorable situation gives us much concern. A random visit to most public primary and secondary schools in Lagos reveals a deep level of poor standards of education across the state.
In pursuit of ensuring gender equality, social justice, and quality education, Vision Spring Initiatives has engaged girls in secondary schools via its #GirlImpact project which kicked off in 2020 – 2022, a two-year project. The outcome of the project is that young girls became self-aware and with their heightened quest for more education in a
very conducive environment. Teachers were trained to provide education that meets the needs of the recipients while parents were engaged in Parent-Child Communication strategies. Our beneficiaries are proud ambassadors to other girls and we look to increasing our reach.
As we celebrate this day, we call on governments worldwide to focus on education that meets recipients’ needs. We call on Nigeria to make schools safe for girls, enhance sanitation and work harder at achieving goal 4 on education and the lofty goal of the SDGs which is leaving no one behind.



Temitope Lawani, Program Officer Research, and Education-Vision Spring Initiatives


  1. Commendable insights on the importance of education and gender equality on this International Day of Education. Vision Spring Initiatives’ commitment to empowering marginalized communities through education is truly inspiring. Addressing critical issues like infrastructure decay in Nigeria’s rural areas is pivotal for achieving sustainable development goals. Kudos to Temitope Lawani and the Vision Spring team for their impactful work.

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