VSI – Vision Spring Initiatives

16 Days Activism Creative Write-up


We are raped and asked to be quiet about it.

Beaten and told to hide the bruises.

People who should show us love give pain as its substitute.

My heart aches for the pain that I and millions of my sisters are going through. I fear for the generations to come. Who will be their voice, the voice of hope?


They say women are the earth but give ashes for our beauties.

Words are lost, passions are killed and dreams are dying, in a patriarchal society where a girl child dare not lead.  No one will fight for us but us.

Our screams are muted by the rigid hands of the system that believes a woman should succumb to atrocities.


Arise wind of the North.

Hearken to my voice wind of the South.

Run to my aid breeze of the West.

Tarry not wind of the East.

Together with the blessings of Mother Earth, go to my sisters in all spheres of the Earth; scream my message loudly, ENOUGH!


Enough of the silence!

Enough of the pain!

Enough of the beatings!

Enough of the rape!

Enough of the killings!

Enough of being exploited!

Enough of being shut up!

Enough of the harassment!

Enough of the humiliation!

Enough of the violence!


We have been forced for far too long to tolerate a system that was set to destroy us.

A system set to eliminate us.


Enough of the society that would rather a man speak than a woman.


Violence against women and girls will only stop if we join hands together, work on unity and say with our voices merged as one enough!!!!!!






Oluwaseun M. Fakunmoju

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