VSI – Vision Spring Initiatives

Gender Justice

Gender justice (Central and the core of VSI programming) Discrimination and violence against women and girls are major causes of poverty all over the world. Ensuring that women and men/boys and girls benefit equally is at the core of all VSI intervention programmes. Gender justice and equality, therefore, underpin all our work and interventions.

Policy Advocacy-VSI’s

Policy advocacy project enables it to engage in advocacy to promote the inclusion of women and girls in Laws and policies relating to gender, as well as the enactment of these Laws and the Constitutional commitments towards equality and closing of gender gaps

Legal Reform–VSI’s

Legal reform project enables it to challenge obnoxious and discriminatory Laws, asking for their repeal and demanding institutionalization and implementation of Laws that respect in equal terms the rights and dignity of men/women and boys/girls.

Interpretation and Simplification of Laws

This initiative provides the opportunity for young people to benefit from the interpretation and simplifications of Laws to enable them to use these Laws to hold governments accountable and demand the implementation of these Laws. The Laws are simplified for different age groups and for easy grasping for the users.

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