VSI – Vision Spring Initiatives

16 Days Activism Creative Write-Up


You vent your anger, your frustrations,

Your need and quest for superiority by kicking me,

slapping me, shoving me, bossing me around

You blame it on me, you deny me of my rights,


Girls are relegated to the background,

Our ladies are sexualized, objectified,

Our mothers are silenced.

Why do we not speak up? Why do we take it all in?


We take the abuse, we cover up the bruises with make up,

We give excuses for them, I should have been a better sister,

A better girlfriend, an obedient wife,

I should have given in to his advances,

I should have just kept quiet.. I should have…. I should have….


Girls, women! Our voices must resound for this cause,

We can’t keep silent; we must unite!

The moment we realise that our voice is our weapon,

That moment light creeps in and the end of the tunnel comes.


I wish and cry out for freedom; Yes, freedom!

Freedom for girls, women

Freedom to have a sane,violence-free society,

Freedom to be what we want to be without restriction or bias, 

I lend my voice to the elimination of inhuman acts against us.



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