VSI – Vision Spring Initiatives

Education and Research

Vision Spring Initiative Model school and Crèche project for infants and children (still under construction) provide spaces for young girls and a few boys to ‘unlearn’ gender stereotypes and gain knowledge on gender and roles. While girls learn that they can undertake any role and responsibilities if they are provided with the knowledge they require, boys learn to respect girls and ultimately become ‘champions’ in challenging stereotypes. This is one of VSI’s long-term projects and charges a fee for the education provided which then is ploughed back towards sustaining the organisation’s initiatives as research has shown that gender stereotypes are formed at an early stage in life. is a bane to gender issues. Through Vision Spring Initiative’s gender manuals, young people’s reading culture will be enhanced

VSI’s Gender and human rights Institute Project

For gender training, curriculum review and development, including ensuring they are relevant to time and needs, teacher training, counsellors, and school debates.


All interventions promote evidence-based research.

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